Play Like the Pros

Tuesday July 20, 2021

We are officially set to start within a week. We cannot wait to see all of our players, parents, and coaches out on the field for some much needed safe and fun interaction. With it being less than a week before the season begins, there will be no more refunds for the season.

With this non-typical season ahead of us, parents play an even bigger role then typical years. Please ensure that you are following the safety expectations accordingly as follows…

BABA Covid 19 Parental Expectations

-Must limit attendance to player plus 2 spectators (coaches do not count as a person for this)
-Must sign in with team binder as soon as you arrive and ensure that you can pass the covid 19 screening found at…

-If you have or been in contact with anyone with symptoms, you must stay away from BABA events for 14 days
-Bring your own lawn chair and distance yourself 2 meters away from anyone outside of your home
-Please stay at your seating location and only walk around if absolutely necessary
-Ensure your child has hand sanitizer and is sanitizing every inning or every half hour minimum (avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with hands)
-Ensure you have everything you came with when you leave and garbage is taken as well
-Masks are encouraged, but not mandatory for players
-Ensure your player is sitting with you when not on the field or at bat
-No spits, gum, sharing drinks, or physical contact with other i.e. high fives, etc

Anyone in violation of these expectations may be asked to leave and risk ending the season on the spot (final decision made by BABA President)

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