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Belleville Amateur Baseball Association 2021

May 13, 2021

2021 Belleville Amateur Baseball Association Update

Hey Everyone,

With the news today that lockdown will be extended, we will have to make some alterations. We still plan on giving the kids a season and it will take a lot for anything to stop that.

We will be now pushing our start date back to July 5, 2021. The upside is that we have several months to make the season happen as fields are playable into October. We do hope to start July 5 and run the 8 weeks and not go into the fall, but we are prepared to give you the sport all your kids loves even if that is the case.

Registration will continue to be open until June 13, 2021 and we still have some spots left in all age groups.


That being said, as you all know COVID-19 has thrown a wrench into all our lives, and we have had to navigate some difficult changes in order to continue to enjoy the things we love.  There is no exception when it comes to the game we love…BASEBALL!!!

Please take special note that this will NOT be a typical year of BUCS BASEBALL.  There are still many challenges that we are dealing with and things we are mandated to implement in order to carry out any type of season.  Please be respectful of our organization, executives, coaches, and volunteers as it will be very difficult to work around everything that is going on.

Differences to take note:

* There will be a limited number of spots available for registration due to restrictions.  We will only be able to have a certain number of players on a team and a certain amount of teams in order to abide by guidelines.  This means that all registration will be on a first some first serve basis and we will have to have payment in order to consider your player officially registered.  Registration will close May 5, 2021.

* We are currently unsure if there will be any travel for the teams due to limitations, so we may only be playing within Belleville this season (Blast Ball, T-Ball, and Rookie Ball will not be traveling for sure).

* Our season will be shortened to 8 weeks and we plan on starting June 7 and Ending July 29.  This may be altered depending on if we can start on time…i.e. if we have to push it back a week or 2, it would be extended by a week or 2.

* There will be no yearend tournaments for any division, but we will be working to put something together for each team’s final night as a celebration of the season.

* There are no early fees or late fees this year as we have set a standard amount for all divisions.  We have tried to keep everything reasonable taking into account that we will have increased costs with sanitation supplies for the parks and equipment we use.  As always, if you bring us a new sponsor, you will receive $50 off registration.

* We are unsure if pictures will be offered this season.  We will need to see what transpires to see if we can make this happen.

* There will be certain expectations for families and players attending each game in order to follow Public Health Guidelines and these will need to be strictly adhered to.



If you have any questions, please let us know and your patients is greatly appreciated

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