HatHoodieLong SleeveTrack PantsT-Shirt
Youth S$25$50$30$35$28
Youth M$25$50$30$35$28
Youth L$25$50$30$35$28
Youth XL$25$50$30$35$28
Adult S$25$50$30$35$28
Adult M$25$50$30$35$28
Adult L$25$50$30$35$28
Adult XL$25$50$30$35$28
Adult 2XL$25$55$35$40$33
Adult 3XL$25$57$37$42$35
Adult 4XL$25N/A$39$44N/A
Prices Include Tax

Orders will be taken 3 times per year as follows:

  • January 1 to March 31 for May 15th delivery date
  • April 1 to June 30 for August 15th delivery date
  • July 1 to October 31 for December 15 delivery date

To place an order simply send us an email with the list of items and sizes along with your name and phone number. Payment must be submitted by the end of the order period in order for your order to be fulfilled. E-Transfers can be sent to

Please note that players registered for the regular season will receive a hat as part of their uniform (U11 and up only)

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