Umpire Info

Belleville Baseball Umpire Guidelines

Expectations of Umpires

  • The scheduled umpires should report to their designated field 20 minutes early, with all required equipment to do either position. The home plate umpire will conduct a coaches meeting 5 minutes prior to the first pitch, with a coach for each team present. Any questions will be answered and all field ground rules will be discussed such as any holes in the fences, what is in play and out of play. The start time, based on the first pitch, will be determined by the umpire asking the home team for the official time of the first pitch. The umpire will announce the start time so that both teams are aware. Only the device that was used to determine the official start time may be used to determine the time limit of the game.
  • Be respectful of the players and spectators. If you encounter problems while you are umpiring, stay calm and attempt to deal with the situation. It is your discretion as an umpire how to proceed with in game warnings and ejections. Contact Belleville Baseball after the game if there is a big issue. Remember not to engage with comments from the crowd.
  • Be familiar with QBL rules of play for the division you are umpiring.
  • If you are unable to do a game which you have booked, you must notify Belleville Baseball 48 hours in advance via phone or text (613-661-5687) or email (
  • If you do not show up for a booked game you will be fined one game’s pay.
  • It is your responsibility to check the master schedule on the website for when you are booked.
  • Send your mailing address and phone contact information (preferably a cell # that can be texted) to

Expectations of Belleville Baseball

  • Pay umpires once monthly $45.00 for mosquito and peewee games and $60.00 for bantam and midget games (no mileage). Pay dates are July and Aug 15
  • Book umpires and update the online schedule. 
  • Notify umpires of cancellations via email and/or text with as much notice as possible when it is weather-related or 24 hours in advance for other circumstances.
  • Support umpires as we are able.
  • Communicate to coaches the expectations of Belleville Baseball regarding respect of umpires.

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